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“I think I’ve hit it, Bessy,” was his first remark

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She was still looking down at the fan and that little foot was moving nervously. Now was my time. I began framing an avowal. I felt a wild impulse to throw my strong arms about her and draw her close to me and feel the pink velvet of her fair face upon mine. ff1 had only done it! But what with the strangeness and grandeur of that big room, the voices of the others who were sitting in the library, near by, the mystery of the spreading crinoline that was pressing upon my knees, I had not half the courage of a lover.

“I think I’ve hit it, Bessy,” was his first remark

'My friend writes me that you are in love,'she said, opening her fan and moving it slowly, as she looked up at me.

“I think I’ve hit it, Bessy,” was his first remark

'She is right I must confess it,'I said, 'I am madly, hopelessly in love. It is time you knew it Hope and I want your counsel.

“I think I’ve hit it, Bessy,” was his first remark

She rose quickly and turned her face away.

'Do not tell me - do not speak of it again - I forbid you,'she answered coldly.

Then she stood silent. I rose to take her hand and ask her to tell me why, a pretty rankling in my heart, Soft footsteps and the swish of a gown were approaching. Before I could speak Mrs Fuller had come through the doorway.

'Come Hope,'she said, 'I cannot let you sit up late - you are worn out, my dear.

Then Hope bade us both good-night and went away to her room. If I had known as much about women then, as now, I should have had it out, with short delay, to some understanding between us. But in that subject one loves and learns. And one thing I have learned is this, that jealousy throws its illusions on every word and look and act. I went to my room and sat down for a bit of reckoning. Hope had ceased to love me, I felt sure, and how was I to win her back?


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