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I lost my wholefamily.""We're sorry about that.""Not as

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'More plenty 'n human bein's,' he answered, puffing lazily at his pipe with a dead calm in his voice and manner that I have never seen equalled except in a tropic sea.

I lost my wholefamily.

He emptied his pipe, striking it on his palin until the bowl rang, without answering. Then he blew into the stem with great violence.

I lost my wholefamily.

'Three or four 'n a summer, mebbe,' he said at length.

I lost my wholefamily.

'Ever git sassy?' Uncle Eb asked.

He whipped a coal out of the ashes then and lifted it in his fingers to the bowl of his pipe.

'Never real sassy,' he said between vigourous puffs. 'One stole a ham off my pyazz las' summer; Al Fifield brought 't in fer me one day -smelt good too! I kep' savin' uv it thinlan' I'd enjoy it all the more when I did hev it. One day I went off cuttin' timber an' stayed 'til mos' night. Comin' home I got t' thinkin' o' thet ham, an' made up my mind I'd hev some fer supper. The more I thought uv it the faster I hurried an' when I got hum I was hungrier'n I'd been fer a year. when I see the ol' bear's tracks an' the empty peg where the ham had hung I went t' work an, got mad. Then I started after thet bear. Tracked 'im over yender, up Cat Mountin'.'

Here Ab paused. He had a way of stopping always at the most interesting point to puff at his pipe. It looked as if he were getting up steam for another sentence and these delays had the effect of 'continued in our next'.

'Huh!' we remarked incredulously.


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